The Times They Are a Changing

September 2018

And that’s what we have been doing here in your Salon over the past little while…changing. We have implemented (and almost conquered) a new Salon software system for managing our bookings.

It provides our guests with confirmations once their appointments have been booked, as well as sending them electronic reminders just prior to the day of their services. It also allows our stylists to make future bookings right at their stations, so that the check-out process can be more efficient. We appreciated the patience of our patrons while we were going through growing pains, as well as their acceptance of any changes that affected them. We recognize that some of these changes may be less-than-ideal and we continue to work on providing resolution.

We have seen (or will soon see) the departure of some of our stylists and support team members as they move on to new adventures – career changes, further education, and BABIES! We have received so may well-wishes for them from all of you and you have no idea how their faces light up when we pass your good words along. From another perspective, we have seen the arrival of new (and returning) POP “crew” to jump in when others departed. These individuals bring new energy and ideas, as well as a desire to provide the exceptional services that our Salon strives for. We look forward to having you greeted with a friendly “Hello” by Gillian and Rachel as you walk through the door, Courtney welcomes her previous guests back with open arms, and Broedy supports the stylists and the Salon however we need him to. We are so lucky to have all of them contributing to the environment that you all know and love.

We added a second alternative for individuals whose lives demand an option to “daytime” bookings. Some of our stylists are now available on Thursday evenings until 8:00. As is the case for Tuesdays, these evenings get booked up very quickly so please plan to book in advance if this is something that you would like to take advantage of.

Lastly, we have had to revise our return policy. We will now return or exchange retail items WITHIN 30 DAYS of purchase if there is a quality issue with the product or if the guest has experienced an adverse reaction. Return payment will be done by the same means as the payment was originally made, with the exception of the Debit system. In this case, our guests will be provided with a Salon POP gift card. As is the case with all of our Salon Pop gift cards, there will be no expiry date assigned.

One thing that hasn’t changed though is our commitment of excellence to our guests. We love that you have become our friends. We love that you share your expectations with us and that you let us know when we have met them. We love that you trust us and that you trust your friends and family to us. We love that you share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. In short, we love that you love us!