Aveda congress 2018

October 2018

October 6th to 9th were very exciting days for 6 members of Salon POP’s team. Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving with our families, we celebrated Aveda’s 40 birthday with our salon family and our Aveda network – what a memorable experience that was!

These few days were remarkable. We arrived feeling excited and ready to learn. We left feeling motivated by the experience, eager to try out some of things that we had seen, and tired (but tired in a good way!). There was so much value in us being able to interact with our peers in other markets – connecting with old friends and developing relationships with new ones.

This showcase to the world was an extravaganza – to be sure! The hairstyles were over the top. The training workshops were inspiring – covering areas such as haircutting, hair styling, hair coloring, special occasion hair, business innovations, etc. The fashion shows were as professional as those at any fashion week – music, lights, videos, and stomping models. These shows were presented by team and individual stylists from as far away as Asia and Australia.

We watched and listened to the best of the best – the superstars of the industry, the creative minds behind epic salons and trend-setting looks, the idols of stylists far and wide. We heard from visionaries, educators, mentors, and veterans with 30+ years of experience. We got to see the work of collaborative partners to some of the most innovative fashion designers in the world. Time and again we were impressed by the passion and technical expertise of these individuals.

Our hearts were touched and we had the privilege of witnessing history in the making, as an exciting new Global partnership was introduced. Scott Harrison, the founder and CEO of CHARITY:WATER shared his inspiring story of his mission to successfully engage others around the globe in order to bring clean water to the world. Check out his book called THIRST. It will move you to tears and it will inspire to you make a difference. You don’t have time to read a book? We encourage you to take a few minutes to watch a video that will most certainly stay with you for a long time.


We can’t wait to get involved, so stay tuned for Earth Month, when Salon POP will support this most-important cause.

We were treated to some “coming soon” spoilers in regards to Aveda’s intention to reduce the impact on the world in regards to sustainable packaging solutions, and we may or may not have heard a secret or two about our much-loved products (perhaps Aveda’s resurrected Cherry Blossom line will be growing in the spring, when body care products will be introduced).

In a nutshell, we were inspired and entertained, we learned new things, we connected with others in our phenomenal network, and we had a lot of fun along the way – so much to be thankful for!