Our Summer Was Great, How About Yours?

September 2017

Perhaps you have noticed it too…that magical scent that has been in the air the past few mornings. It’s a scent that fills us with a bit of regret but also with anticipation for what is to come. It’s called FALL!

As the leaves turn colour and we begin to plan for Salon Pop’s Holiday Season, we can’t help but reflect on a wonderful summer that will soon be but a memory – a GREAT one, but a memory none-the-less.

We are reminded of the joys that we got to experience with the most amazing graduates, as they prepared for their convocations and celebratory dinners. It was our pleasure to share in their excitement and to be a part of these memorable occasions. We appreciated hearing their plans and we loved their smiles as we took some “final look” pics when they were done. Many of these guests have been coming to see us since they were children so it was with a sense of pride that we “sent them off” on their new adventure.

And then there were the summer weddings – oh how we love weddings here at Salon Pop! We were overjoyed to share special days with the most beautiful brides, the most handsome grooms, and the most awesome wedding parties. It was our pleasure to curl, braid, and lipstick our guests and then send them on the way to their new adventures as well. The buzz in the Salon on “Wedding Days” is electric and it puts every single one of us in a good mood for the rest of the day. There is much laughter as the “end result” photos are taken and the giddy groups head out the door – very ready for the rest of the festivities.

Luckily, these special occasions inevitably get re-lived via social media and we can’t help but smile when we see one of these images pop up on an Instagram or Facebook post. It’s our greatest compliment when #salonpop204 reveals some of our work and when our guests generously share positive comments about their experiences at Salon Pop. If you have done that in the past…we thank you. If you have ever thought about doing it but haven’t…we encourage you to do so because we are appreciative and there is sure to be an extra hug or handshake for you at your next appointment!

There is much anticipation for what lies ahead. We know that this change of seasons will bring delightful new Aveda products, generous purchase promotions, a much-anticipated holiday celebration and, most importantly…very enjoyable time with our guests that we treasure beyond words.

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