The time has come…and it is really about time. Salon POP is starting a blog!

Sitting here, staring at the screen, waiting for the inspirational words to flow, a first blog is proving to be trickier than I thought. However, it’s a good time to reflect about our salon…what exactly goes on around here?

I can picture what’s going on upstairs at this moment. There’s a buzz of blow dryers allowing for comfortable conversation…until they all stop suddenly and people are caught shouting something that sounds awkward or inappropriate without hearing the rest of the conversation. Laughter follows, but we carry on. Light chatter and chuckles fill the air; a little bit of background music too. You can see two stylists discussing a color formula in one corner, another one looking for a hair photo to show their guest, and one more picking up the scattered foils that fell after a set of highlights. It busy, it’s hopping, its comfortable…it’s really nice.

Downstairs, the buzzer goes on the dryer signaling a load laundry ready to be folded. I can hear two of the stylists laughing while mixing up a color and…wait…yes, someone is burning their lunch in the staff room. And how can we forget the staircase; the one where the last step seems to be a little bit higher than the rest, and at least once a day, someone trips up it. That is of course if you haven’t mastered the two at a time run up where you can skip that last darn step all together.

It feels pretty normal and homey around here.

If you don’t know us, now is your chance. We love hair! We love shapes, textures, cuts, and colours. We love learning and teaching our guests about hair; new techniques, new trends, or old trends coming back. We love teaming up with Aveda and all that it stands for. Finally, it is truly a joy to come to work everyday, be a part of a fun and vibrant team, and create all day.

If you know us already, we love knowing you!! We are thankful for each an every one of you that walks through these door and hangs out with us for a couple of hours. We thank you for allowing us to learn from you, teach you, talk to you, and perhaps even try something new on you. If you’ve had two people blow dry your hair, we hope you feel like a star. If you’ve sat at the sink and allowed a new apprentice to take a little longer rinsing out your color, you’re a sport. If you’ve brought us goodies for the staff room, just know they are devoured in 3 seconds.

What can you expect from this blog? Everything. Tips and tricks, trends, techniques, stories, celebrities, and above all, what makes us POP. We want you to get to know us!

Until next time

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