Children of the Corn…

Yes, at POP we have become children of the corn. And I’m not talking cornchildrenabout the classic horror written by Stephen King , so please sit back down.

We have become children of the corn…and wheat, and cassava root with the newest Aveda product on the market, Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight. If you follow us on on Facebook, you may remember the Smooth Infusion Style Prep photo our dear pal Monica Bing (nee Gellar), who so humorously displayed…well, this!

monicaA picture of humidity meeting humility, and so much more (thank you ‘Friends’, we are forever grateful). How exactly does this amazing product do its work? Let’s begin with the blow-dry. Ohhh, the blow-dry. For those on a timeline with long/thick/coarse/curly, well, really any kind of hair that takes more than a hearty sneeze or breeze to dry, the blow-dry is merely a sweaty 20 minutes of vigorously shaking the dryer around, upside down, you name it, just to get the mane dry. The look that follows in enough to make you contemplate stepping foot out of the house. Why do we do this? to get to the straightening part where we look presentable for public eye as quickly as possible. Well, no more my friends, no more!

When you pair Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight with the rest of the Smooth naturallystraightInfusion line, blow-dry’s will no longer haunt your dreams. After applying this product, while you blow-dry, plant derived fibers cling to hour hair and help to create a lasting layer. We are talking about progressively straightening your hair! Blow-dry’s are faster and easier. And what does this mean? Straightening your hair faster and easier too. At POP, those who needed it, tried it, and fell in love. We are talking “The Notebook’ kind of love. However, to avoid the whole crying in the rain scene about not getting any letters, we are writing to you now. Feel the love. Until next time.

The time has come…and it is really about time. Salon POP is starting a blog!

Sitting here, staring at the screen, waiting for the inspirational words to flow, a first blog is proving to be trickier than I thought. However, it’s a good time to reflect about our salon…what exactly goes on around here?

I can picture what’s going on upstairs at this moment. There’s a buzz of blow dryers allowing for comfortable conversation…until they all stop suddenly and people are caught shouting something that sounds awkward or inappropriate without hearing the rest of the conversation. Laughter follows, but we carry on. Light chatter and chuckles fill the air; a little bit of background music too. You can see two stylists discussing a color formula in one corner, another one looking for a hair photo to show their guest, and one more picking up the scattered foils that fell after a set of highlights. It busy, it’s hopping, its comfortable…it’s really nice. Read More…